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Marketing Consulting

Vietnam Market Research

Vietnam Market Research

YT Tran & Co is an expert in Vietnam and its markets. Our focus is on data collection for international and local firms in addition in-house consumer insights departments who do not have a fieldwork capability in Vietnam.

YT Tran & Co provides world class marketing research through:  

  • Deep understanding of the brief 
  • International Quality Fieldwork 
  • Professional data handling & decision-orientated analysis 
  • Action focused recommendation 

Market Sectors:

Research Solutions:

  • Advertising / Public Relations
  • Business-to-business
  • Agriculture
  • Concept Testing
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Research
  • Beverages
  • Product Testing
  • Catering / Hospitality
  • Tracking Studies
  • Charity / Non-profit
  • Advertising Research
  • Confectionery
  • Brand Research
  • Consultancy
  • Children / Youth’s Research
  • Cosmetics / Hygiene
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Training / Education
  • Employee Research
  • Financial Services
  • International Studies
  • Foods / Nutrition
  • Media Testing
  • Fragrance Industry
  • Audience Research
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
  • Product Research
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Validation Services
  • Real Estate
  • Pricing Studies
  • IT / Software / Hardware
  • Segmentation Research
  • Logistic / Mail / Transportation
  • Senior Citizen / Mid-life
  • Media
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Retail / Wholesale
  • Telecommunications
  • Textile / Fashion / Clothing
  • Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure


Our business case:     

  • Freshminds  Market Research Adviser
  • Unilever Plc –Market Research Adviser for OMO Brand.
  • Mavens of London  Market Research Adviser
  • Cambridge University  Market Research Adviser for Product Development of Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • GlobeTech Services Ltd – Market Research Adviser
  • KudosResearch –  B2B survey
  • Ronin Corporation –  B2B survey

Vietnam Investment Consulting

Vietnam Investment Consulting for Overseas Vietnamese

Vietnam Investment consulting for overseas Vietnamese business that YT Tran  offers including but not limited to:

  • Market research and evaluating, suitable partnership information, benefits and risks business evaluation based on the up-to-dated investment policy of the government and local authorities.
  • Research and introducing appropriate reliable and efficient investment partners.
  • Consulting and research for investment locations inside and outside the industrial parks, industrial clusters, introduce investment incentives of each locality according to customer requirements.
  • Establishment of overseas Vietnamese enterprises, set up of branches and representative offices in Vietnam, to expand the scope of business.
  • Advice on the rate and method of capital contribution, profit-sharing plans and handle the obligations incurred.
  • Apply for business registration for overseas Vietnamese enterprises, investment certificates and adjustment of investment certificates for overseas Vietnamese investors in Vietnam (including established business profile (writing grant proposals, adjusted investment certificate, charter, joint venture agreement and other documentations), investment project profiles (technical and economic reports and drawing explanations satisfy the investment conditions prescribed by law, establish the explanation that satisfy the conditions for financial capability, …)
  • Consult the conditions of investment incentives, the order of execution procedures for investment incentives.
  • Appoint representatives meet to exchange with partner’s overseas Vietnamese investors in project planning, purchase, merger foreign investment and transfer of project consultation.


How do we do this?

  • Applying for investment certificates for overseas Vietnamese businesses.
  • Track progress and inform treatment results submitted dossiers.
  • Receive the Investment certificate, or certificate of registration for branches and representative offices for foreign investment capital enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Seal and tax code registration (case of investment projects associated with the establishment of enterprises with foreign investment, branch establishment of enterprises with foreign investment).
  • YT Tran & Co is experienced in persuading and negotiating with local authorities and stakeholders in reaching agreement, solving problems and contribute to the customer’s investment business success
  • We are confident with the ability to assist clients in the negotiation process, perform the following procedures for licensing and authorization relating to the establishment and operation of a commercial presence of overseas Vietnamese investors.


Our business case:     

  • Cambridge University – Market Research Adviser for Product Development of Cambridge English Language Assessment.

EU Trade Representative for Vietnamese Enterprises

EU Trade Representative

YT Tran offers the needs of trade representative for Vietnam enterprises in the EU with high efficient professional image and quickly but with minimal time and financial cost.

Our services include: permanent representative or representatives for each incident in fairs, meetings of negotiation, customer care, product launches, counting goods and settle customs formalities or legal

Business Planning Consulting

Business Planning Consulting

Effective business planning is becoming more necessary than ever for businesses. Reasons:

  • The company plans to stabilize the orientation of production and business activities, to plan service deployment a new product or new market development.
  • Business planning to call for capital from business partners, private investors and investment funds.
  • Planning for the bank loans, the bank to appraise and approve projects.
  • The enterprise also plans to sign the contract as agreed upon in advance or as an agent for other enterprises.

Although important, but not any business can also build an effective business plan for their own.


How do we do this?

  • Receive the requested information from customer
  • Preliminary exchange data and information necessary: investment capital, products, markets, customers, personnel, strategy…
  • Offer the service cost, duration, contract after the two parties agreed.
  • Write the plan.
  • Completion and handover support after the completion of the plan.

Brand Synchronisation Consulting

Brand Synchronisation Consulting

Brand identity system is the expression of the identity of a company image through the use of written words and symbols. Brand identity system consists of the elements constituting the brand awareness is reflected in a uniform, consistent create specific characteristics that distinguish the brand with other brands.

An impressive & professional brand identity system can bring to your business many benefits. Here are the main benefits:

  • Help to prove you actually do business.
  • Helping to attract new customers.
  • Strengthening the trust of our partners, customers and investors.
  • Make it easier to get more memory.
  • Help you to differentiate and stand out in your industry.
  • Help your company seem “bigger” than reality.
  • To attract investors or to easily transfer.
  • To explain what you are trading.
  • Meet the standards of your industry.




The basic recognizable elements

  • Logo
  • Colours in communication materials
  • Font text in the document transactions and communications


Brand identification signs on office documents

  • Business card
  • Letter paper
  • Envelopes (A5 and A4) and mailing labels
  • A5 envelope
  • A4 envelope
  • Mailing labels
  • Fascimile
  • Bill
  • Internal newsletter
  • Employee identification card
  • Presentation materials
  • Uniforms


The brand identify signs on products and packagings

  • Brand identification signs on products
  • Brand identification signs on the label affixed to the product
  • Brand identification to print directly onto the product
  • Brand identification signs on the product packagings
  • Layout brand identification signs on the product packagings
  • Some illustrative applications


Brand identification signs on billboards


The types of signage:

  • Signage for company
  • Signage for departments
  • Signage at the reception and conference room
  • Banner
  • Signage for agents


Signs to identify the brand in marketing communications

  • Print advertising
  • Expo pavilion designs
  • TVC (consultant)
  • Advertising on transport
  • Sale off product
  • Website and CD case

Slogan Creative Consulting

Slogan Creative Consulting

Enterprises will no longer be headache to find a message for brand or spent months launching useless slogan contest. With slogan professional writing service, YTTran will help you owning a compelling & efficient brand message through a creative slogan.



Slogan or tagline is a short statement to help convey the message that an organization wants to convey to its targeted public. In the field of branding communication, slogan often conveys product/ service’s benefits, brand positioning, business philosophy, or a characteristic of the brand would like to be remembered.



Slogan can meet many different objectives under diverse situations of the business user. But easy to see the role of the slogan in the following cases:

  • Slogan helps quickly convey the brand message, but not shown in the logo.
  • Slogan helps brief description of the company, the product, the benefits, and the difference in just one sentence.
  • Slogan attracts the attention of the listener/ viewer in a second
  • Slogan is something that consumers can easily remember, recall and thus that relate to the brand.
  • When a brand become “old”, slogan helps “revive” the brand



To have a good and effective slogan, slogan writing process must meet the following criteria:

  • Slogan should cater to a specific target, which may include: describing business areas of the business, making business philosophy, describing outstanding product benefits …
  • Slogan should be concise, easy to read, easy to remember.
  • Slogan must be unique and not duplicated.
  • Slogan should be appropriate in terms of culture, not offensive and does not cause provocation.
  • If possible, the slogan should easily translate to serve in the various global markets.
  • Slogan must be consistent with the brand positioning, showing the difference of the brand in relation to other brands.



As discussed above, a slogan is an intangible but very valuable asset for any business or brand. Therefore, slogan creation is very important that businesses always need to invest time and effort, though a new business or a company of long tradition.

The slogan writing service is not new to the world. However, many Vietnamese brand communication campaign does not promote its inherent efficiency because using an unattractive and inefficient slogan, even worse, an offensive slogan.

Awareness of this reality, along with the cooperation with the advertising industry experts, branding and language experts, YTTran  launches a new service “professional slogan writing service”.

How do we do this?

  • Competitive analysis: we start with the analysis of the competitive situation in which the business sector involved. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of brand, recommended appropriate competitive position for the brand so that starts the creative process.
  • Establishing creative orientation: Through the questions are oriented in advance, will help us to grasp the specific requirements for each slogan creative writing project.
  • Creative writing and demonstration plan: A team consists of brand strategy consultants and copywriters will work together to make a list of appropriate slogan options which helps customers choosing the best option.
  • Brand communication consulting: After customer selecting the preferred slogan, the next step, we advise how to effectively apply slogan in the media campaigns – how to optimally & effectively exploit the slogan when combined with other factors in the brand identity system.

Logo Design Consulting

Logo Design Consulting

If there’s a certain image that makes it easy for customers to best relate to your company, it is logo. If you consider your business is serious and professional, think about the proportionality logo design!

Not just a graphic product, logo designing requires a deep understanding of the business sector and brand strategy.



  • A logo conveys your business mission: Regardless of your field of business with complex and difficult to interpret it is, we will help you convey your messages through a simple but deepest logo.
  • A logo is instantly recognised by your target customers: because we always design your logo in a unique way, different and make it simple and easy to remember. Your customers will recognize you stand out among the dozens of competitors.
  • A logo that you always really own it: Like you, we see the logo is an important asset. Our processes ensure the unique design and distinctive logo. And above all, you can always sign up for intellectual property logo templates – you totally own it


How do we do this?

  • Establish the project goals
  • Make a creative orientation
  • Design the logo follow the concept
  • Check the conformity of design
  • Preparation of logo standards and regulations

Website Design & Management Consulting

Website Design & Management Consulting

For every business, website is the always open office on the internet. To attract customers to your website regularly, in addition to owning an eye-catching & attractive interface, the website designing and administration is also very important. This helps your website regularly updated, provides useful information to customers. It will get a lot more potential customers visiting your website.

Currently, a quality design & content website and frequently updated is appreciated by Google search engine. Regularly updated, optimized article will help rank the sites higher and faster. At the same time, designing and webmasters help increase customer trust, to help you get more potential customers

Website designing and administration does not only create a simply, beautiful and stunning interface. But this is also an important factor to increase sales and branding for the business. We understand that a website is constantly updated, regularly customer care, technical troubleshooting and promotion optimization is the effective website.