YT Tran

Report & Recommendations

At the end of the week on July 5, VN-Index increased by 2.30 points to 975.34 points. Similarly, HNX-Index increased 0.04 points to 104.38 points.

Last week, what happened on the electricity board showed that the market had a positive trading week when the VN-Index tried to recover. At the end of the week, VN-Index closed at 959.2 points (+ 0.6%) and HNX-Index closed at 104.84 points (+ 1.35%) compared to the previous week. VN-Index had a recovery week compared […]

As our previous forecast, Vietnam stock market has experienced a gloomy trading week. We believe that the market’s internal strength is quite weak. Ending the trading week from June 10 to 14, VN – Index fell 4.67 points to 953.61 points; HNX – Index dropped 0.747 points to 103.46 points. This is the fourth consecutive […]

After the strong decline at the beginning of the week, the chain dropped from the end of May, the market quickly regained the green color and returned to 950 points. Last week, VN-Index kept at 958.28 points, up nearly 5 points compared to the opening session of the week. Meanwhile, HNX-Index closed the week at […]

After increasing continuously to nearly 990 points on May 20, Vietnam stock market is tending to return to adjust when the red colour became the main colour. With 4/5 declining trading sessions, the last week continued to mark a negative trading week of the stock market. At the end of the week, VN-Index closed at […]