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Introduction of Vietnam Stock Market Advisory Service

Introduction of Vietnam Stock Market Advisory Service

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Why Vietnam Stock Market?

  • Social and political stability
  • Strategic location in the center of ASIA
  • Asia most open economy (Member of WTO, BTA with the US, EVFTA with the EU, ASEAN & AFTA and the founder member of CPTPP in March 2018 (TPP11).
  • One of the world fastest-growing but stable economies (GDP 6.46 % a year since 2000 and reached 6.81% in 2017).
  • Golden & growing population structure (bigger than Germany, UK or France; half of its 95 million populations under 30 and fast growing middle class)
  • Key destination for FDI across Asia ($ 17.5 billion in 2017, up 10.8% over the same period in 2016, a record in the past 10 years).
  • Competitive labour market
  • Vietnam is the next China
  • Doing business in Vietnam is getting easier every year (Vietnam ranked 68/190 economies by World Bank in 2017, up 14 grades from last year)
  •  A candidate for reclassification as an emerging market
  • VN-Index hits decade-high (48%) last year and continuing in uptrend
  • Opportunity from new products (Derivative, Covered Warrant) and especially IPO & state divestment

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Why choose us?

  • The country-specific Vietnamese-Bristish international local experts that based in London with in-depth research and resources that funds based in the UK can’t access
  • Has a successful portfolio since the market launched
  • Every day update and interaction with the market
  • To provide daily market news and intelligence market information to value added
  • Regular and unscheduled market reports as well as insight analysis with trends and forecasts
  • Validated market research based on investors demand
  • Provide the stock market in depth advisory and recommendation
  • Real time online communication and support via Skype
  • Totally FREE IN 2018.